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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

When your child’s birthday shall be drawing near, you will have to come up with a plan in how to throw it. This shall leave you with the option to do something the child wants, or to go all out and make a grand occasion out of it. There are more and more expenses accompanying children’s parties these days. But on closer examination, a child will only wish for the little things on their day. These will allow you to save so much money and energy. Here are some ideas you can rely on.
You need to be strict with the invitation list. The fact that kids have few close friends means the list will realistically be short. You can talk to them about who they wish to see on the list. You can then plan for a tea party celebration for the girls or a movie night party for the boys.
There is also a way you can manage to include their entire class on a budget. You can make them cupcakes. There is Simply Eggless to give you some great and allergy free cake ideas. You can ask their teacher if it ok for you to bring cupcakes over, and if they could sing your child the birthday song while they enjoy them.
You can then make the decorations yourself. There is no need to go for the expensive event decorator services. You can also the kids to make art that shall be used as decorations for the event.
There should also be lots of free and exciting games for you to indulge in. You can add on games like musical chairs or musical statues which are still so much fun. You can learn more about such games here.
In terms of food, you need to prepare a buffet. This shall take up lots of time and energy, but it is the cheaper option to hiring a caterer. To please kids you need to go for fun foods like sandwiches cut with cute cookie cutter shapes, chips and dip, mini sausages, and a fruit punch. Keep the snacks healthy, such as carrot sticks, apple slices, celery and cucumber.
An easy theme shall also be in order, to help keep the costs low and for easy remembrance. A rainbow theme, for instance, shall be easy to put together in terms of the decorations, food, and cake. Even the guests shall find clothing items that fall in that bracket.
You should also think of doing it outside. You can plan for a treasure hunt. You should have a treasure box ready, with some clever clues along the way.
These ideas shall make for a fun and affordable event. You can see more here about holding such events.