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What is Functional Medicine and What are Its Benefits

Health insurance is expensive and a lot of us are paying its high price. We may have expensive insurance but the care we get from traditional doctors is actually very limited. Although we get frustrated from the lack of care that we find in doctors, they, in return also get frustrated by the regulations and definitions imposed on them by the insurance industry. Today, many are finding the possibility of being treated for a definite disease, but the proactive care that could prevent disease from developing is not covered by our healthcare plans.

Today, functional medicine allow doctors the freedom to better serve their patients by eliminating the third party. Here are some reason why you should go for functional medicine.

In functional medicine, you pay for the services that you chose and when you choose to access them. In functional medicine you pay for the care that is given to you and you don’t have to pay monthly to an insurance company who makes the decision of whether to pay for your care or not when you have become ill.

It is important in functional medicine for your doctor and his staff to get to know you more personally. It is important that time is spent with you by your doctor. The time you spend with your doctor is unrushed and is very comfortable allow for conversations that are very helpful. They will begin to understand the symptoms of your illness during their conversations with you. This time with the doctor will enable you to come up with a treatment that will be preventive or diagnostic.

Functional medicine includes preventive medicine. In this type of medicine, your doctor will create a healthy nutrition plan for you and suggests some exercise programs that you can do. Consultation periods with your doctor is unhurried and it is during this time that you will be able to discuss your health concerns, options, and treatment preferences.

It is only during business days and hours that traditional doctors can be found. But many of us get sick outside of the business day. Many functional medical doctors are available at your need. Your personal doctor can provide you with the option of calling, emailing, or visiting him when you first feel sick.

It is quite scary to be treated in a hospital without your doctor around and you will be taken care of by people whom you are not familiar with and who are basing their care on the notes that they have with them and very little information beside. This is not the way with functional medicine since your doctor will always be there to supervise treatment and he also consults with other professionals when it comes to treatment plans and preferences.

Functional medicine gives you the freedom to choose your healthcare and treatment methods and this is accomplished through ongoing communication with your doctor without the dictates of an insurance company. Functioanl medicine is not your typical health care but it is a new and brighter path than what we know about.

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