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The Arizona Roots Festival: A Recap

The Arizona Roots Festival was recently introduced by the same organizers tgat produce the California Roots. California Roots has a history running to close a decade and it is popular for bringing in unique artistes and performances to give consumers a special experience. This year saw them. Partner with Relentless beats to put up the event. The venue also shifted with the event being held at a new out of state location in the shape of the Rawhide Western Town and Event Center in Chandler, Arizona. The event was flooded with buzzing people waiting to see what it would be like.

It was a well organized event with plenty of space to move around and explore the different products from different vendors. It was a spacious event with enough room for people to sit on the ground or on blankets that they brought along. There were enough wooden picnic tables and chairs next to the main stage for the people who wanted to listen to some music while eating. Water stations were not scarce either. There were two different music stages on different ends of the event venue both being of contrasting sizes. The venue had tow drink bars on opposite sides with enough food outlets. Hand made items were not rare with bags and hats being all over the place. Other available items included smoking paraphernalia, hand-blown glass pieces, and CBD treats. This tool for dosing is handy for people who use CBD. The layout and placement of the vendors was very well thought out. Graffiti artists and enthusiasts were served to a great graffiti section with huge blackboards to showcase their skills. The attendees were served to an awe filled event as they watched and took photos of their artistes performing. There was a huge lion made of metal with a green, red and yellow Rastafarian mane which served as an art car with red seats where people could seat and enjoy the music. You could also get an aerial view of everybody below by going to the next level of the art car. Most people took photos at a red velvet seat at the mouth of the lion.

Music at the Rawhide stage which is the smaller stage started at around 1pm.[ At around 1 pm, the music was already playing at the Rawhide stage which was the smaller of the two stages. The lead singer of the Rilen’ Out band was clad in a tank top and jeans with a plain black jacket over them. She had a beautiful voice sounding like a merge between two popular artistes.