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The Greatest Scuba Diving Spots in the Universe

Scuba divers are more than six million on the planet. If you are one of them, it is an exceptional experience. You have an idea how fascinating it is diving in the deepest part of the ocean. You might be forced out of your normal haunt because of the numerous types of dives. Here are some of the greatest diving spots in the world.

The first diving spot that will take your breath is the Cape Kri in Indonesia. You will find the Coral reefs that will are so unbelievable. The Kri is one of the sites that have it. Sharks and barracudas are filled there. When you get the opportunity of diving there, you will be in a better position to view 374 species of the sea animals. You will be able to discover something new every time you turn your head. That is all that many divers want, a new experience.

Another great scuba diving spot in the world is the Yongala in Australia. Such a spot offers you with a moment you have never experienced before. The reason why this spot is amazing is that it is found off Queensland at a shipwreck. After a cyclone in 1911 that ship happened to have sunk. It was then protected by the historic shipwrecks act in 1981. When you have the opportunity to dive in such a spot; you will not only view coral, but also you will be in a better position to observe a wide range of fish species. You would never want to miss out such an amazing experience. It is so disappointing you will not get the opportunity to view the Yongala itself from the inside.

In Belize there is another diving spot you will never want to miss out called the Great Blue Hole. The name itself defines the big hole created by the coral reef. The greatest visibility you have never seen what you will come across with this hole of 143 meters deep, discover more here. There is something interesting about this hole which that it possesses both fresh and salty waters. When you dive in such a spot; you will have the chance to view mako, tuna and even sharks. Going deeper will put you in a better position to see magnificent scenes that will take your breath, view here!

In Malaysia there is another scuba spot called the Barracuda point. This scuba site is filled with a lot of barracudas. You are likely to get exposed to a lot of sea creatures more than any other place if you happen to dive in such a place. There are also strong sea currents at the barracuda point that calls upon you to be in excellent health before diving, learn more here.

The other place you might desire to make a dive is in Hawaii, click here for more info. You will have a chance to dive at the Kailua Kona point. There are lights installed there to attract plankton. Once you dive here, you will be able to view different varieties of fish.