Building A Handgun

Building A Handgun

If you are looking for a fun hobby to help pass the time, building firearms might be just for you. There are many ways you can choose to do this. You could purchase a specific kit or buy each individual part. Building a firearm can offer a way to uniquely customize your gun and can help you learn more about it while doing making it. Here are a few parts that can be used to create your unique handgun.

The Slide

The slide is important for the ejection of the round after you have fired the weapon. It is a moving mechanism that, if not properly installed, can cause the gun to jam. When building your gun, you can customize the slide, making it unlike any other.

The Lower

The lower receiver is one of the biggest parts of the gun. You can get different materials and colors to add style to this part of your weapon. There are various models of these like the Glock 80% lowers. Having a sturdy base for your handgun is important for the performance of the finished weapon.

The Upper

The upper is an important component for firing the bullets. Having sturdy, dependable springs and other various parts will keep the gun in great condition for many years. A good upper receiver and a long barrel length will also help with accuracy when firing.

The Trigger

The trigger, and pressure it is set on, will depend on the preference of the shooter. When the pull is set to a light system, it will take very little pressure to fire the weapon. If it is set higher, it may cause inaccuracy because of how difficult it is to pull the trigger.

Building a firearm can be fun but should be done with extreme caution. These are some of the basic components to consider, but make sure you have the correct tools and good directions before building your gun.