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Factors to consider to Stop Blood Clots

Knowing if one has blood clots is not an easy thing. You need to be aware that this is silent killer disease. The most important thing is to know how to prevent blood clots. One thing you need to know is that blood clot can be managed if detected earlier. You will have an idea of what needs to be done so as to prevent blot clots by reading this article.

One, you need to drink plenty of water everyday. The blood in the body tends to be thicker than usual if one does not drink a lot of water. For this reason, there is a very high chance that one can have blood clots in the body. You need to take at least 6-8 glasses of water daily for your body to be hydrated. For you want to know if body does not have enough water, you will know from the color of your urine. See to it that the color of your urine is either clear or light yellow.

Two, you need to lose weight. There is a lot of pressure caused in the abdomen by obesity. This make the functionality of the calf muscle pump to go down. There is the ability of the circulation of blood from the legs to the heart with the help of the calf muscle pump. One easily have blood clots if the functionality is reduced.

See to it that the kinds of food you take has less fats in them Foods with too much fats increases the risk of one having blood clots. It is important you know the kind of food proteins that can lead to clotting of blood in the body. Read the labels on the packed foods before you buy them Be very careful when buying packed foods with too much fats.

Be aware of the kind of treatments and medication needed for the clotting of blood. This is only done when one able to detect where the blood clot is. Ultra sound or even blood test can done to detect where the clot is. The most important thing that is required is the prescription of the anticoagulants. The anticoagulants ensures that there is no formation of the blood cots in the body. The anticoagulants ensures smooth flow of the blood in the body. Treating blood clots requires a lot of money.

Lastly, you need to prevent it rather than treating it. If there be need, one can seek medical attention before the situation gets worse. You need to ensure that you go for the regular checkups. It is required of one to do that since there are symptoms that cannot be easily identified. See to it that you factors in these important ways for you to have a healthier growth.

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