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The Procedure Followed When You Are Charged with a Crime
Criminal charges have a lot of uncertainties that make many people gee stress due to the tip of the charges. However, it’s important to know what to expect when dealing with criminal charges so that you will have an easy time handling the case. The other important things that you need to know is the laws that are related to your case. If you want to know these procedures and also your rights when you are charged with crime continue reading this article.

Being charged and booking of your arrest is the first things that you will come across. The crime you have done will determine whether you will get arrested immediately or later. The process starts with the judge giving authority for your arrest to the officers who will try their best to reach you. You need to get a copy of warrant from the court since the officers are likely not to have it so that you can have an idea of what are your criminal charges. The next thing that will follow you is to be booked in the local police department or jail where you will have your picture was taken and also your fingerprints. Within 48 hours after being arrested you should be able to talk to a magistrate who will decide to release you on bond or let you depending with your crime you can have a pending hearing. When the magistrate allows you to go home on bond then there is no way you will go home if you haven’t paid the bond. For those that are charged with complicates cases will have no bond hence they will not be able to go anywhere until their case hearing date.

The court hearings is the other step that you will go to when you are charged with a criminal offense. During that day when the judge will say you come back for hearing s/he will read your criminal charges and you as the defendant you are answerable to that. Once your case is read the possible responses that you can have include being guilty, not guilty or no content. It’s important if you have a lawyer who will be guiding you on how to take a plea on your case. When you have enough evidence you can plead to be non-guilty and if it’s proved beyond doubt then you will be released for free.

If you are not able to convince the court you are guilty the next step is to be sentenced. You history has to be considered before you are sentenced. You will be given a light sentence if you have clean records with the court.

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