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Tips for When You are Locked Out of the House

The last thing one would wish for is locking your door then realize that you are locked out. The good thing is that there are some hacks you can use to prevent this disaster. In case you are unable to find your keys and have no extra hidden, you will need these few hacks to assist you in getting back in.
If you can see an open window, then you can use it to access in your house. However, that doesn’t mean that the window should be physically open. It doesn’t matter when it is locked, finding a window is enough. However, for windows that on the first-floor it can be hard to reach. Since it is your house you are breaking into, you are at risk when you are caught. A good idea would be going to your backyard or anyplace you can access your lawn chairs and then use them to lift yourself up. Now that you can access your windows, slide the screen upwards – however, do not remove it. Once the screen is slid up, now access the glass of the window. Lift the glass and if you are cannot do that try to press against the glass but do not use excessive force to avoid breaking it. You should be able to land into your house safely if there is furniture below the window. However, you are not guaranteed to get furniture that will break your fall as you access your house, nevertheless, here is how you can land safely. To land softly try stretching and flexing your limbs to avoid falling hard when climbing through the window.
The above idea may not be a great one in case you are the type who keeps their windows always locked. However, you can still access your house by trying an upstairs window. A lawn chair, in this case, may not help you reach the window, making the process trickier but still possible. A ladder will be needed for this meaning that you have to find a way into your cabin or garage. Once you have gotten the ladder, you should now reach your second-floor window; utilize the guidelines outlined above to open your upstairs window.
Another idea that may come in handy is picking the padlock. If you have no padlock picking skills, do not worry because we will guide you on how to get past your padlock in the garden shed or garage. To pick the lock, a tension wrench and a lock pick are a must-have. If you cannot find one, check your vehicle for a paper clip. Grip your padlock upright, to see the hole of the key and use pieces of the paper clip to unlock it and this locksmith.