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When Should you Call a Medical Emergency Service?

Determining if a medical symptom will require an emergency call or trip to the emergency department can be hard. Patients usually are afraid of calling or thinking whether their medical complaints are not severe to emergency care providers. The thing is, you are not really bothering anyone in the process. the thing about emergency medical technicians are actually there in responding to medical emergencies and emergencies also are defined by patients rather than its responders.

Symptoms Where your Brain is Involved

Medical conditions that cause changes in the brain function to have to be considered as an emergency or needs to be treated. If the head is broken, everything would break down.

Breathing Problem

It is normal for us to end up short of breath from exercise, but if ever such a feeling suddenly comes without any reason, it is scary. Patients sometimes, in fact, can’t determine breathing emergencies. One example, in this case, is choking where it does not really require to always be called to emergency services right away. If the patient, however, becomes unconscious, there will be less oxygen left in the bloodstream.

There are different causes of shortness of breath. Some of the common causes that could lead to breathing issues are heart attacks, pneumonia, emphysema, asthma and also pneumothorax. Even allergic reactions could cause problems of breathing.

Heart Issues

Heart attacks sometimes feel like indigestion or like experiencing the worst pain ever. Sometimes heart attacks have no pain at all and just causes a weak heart which would lead to shortness of breath or passing out. Sometimes when you feel pain in the chest, especially if nothing that you do actually helps in making you feel better, you need to consider it as a medical emergency. Women sometimes don’t really feel the symptoms of which heart attack as men. Women in fact sometimes don’t even feel pain in the chest.

Serious Bleeding

Small bleedings are no big deal, but serious bleeding can actually be life-threatening. A good thing about it is that it’s really not hard to control the bleeding. Pressure and elevation sometimes are not enough to stop the bleeding from most cuts and unusual steps of pressure points tend to take care of the rest.

Get Aid When Unsure

There are some emergencies sometimes which are common sense. Some of the emergencies, in fact, are less obvious. It is actually the reason why emergency medical service providers don’t really expect every patient to know which are really emergencies and which of them are not. Some of the health issues come with life-changing consequences when not quickly treated and there are also some situations that just end up minor. But if in case you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should never hesitate to call medical emergency services.

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