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Reasons Why You Would Not Miss To Include London On Your Bucket List

There is more to London than just royal guards with fuzzy helmets and old telephone booths. Some of the interesting things found in London are double-decker buses and iconic red telephone booths. There is diverse culture and delicious cuisine in London. If you are planning on visiting the city you should have expectations of viewing exciting attractions, a cosy pub and you will get photo opportunities that are one of a kind in every corner of the city. London has been ranked as the top travel destination because many people from all over the world visit it in a year.

There are several amazing reasons why London should be on your bucket list, more info here to see. One of the reasons why London should be on your bucket list is that you will have an opportunity of touring the London bridge. It will not be fair to you to visit the city without going to tour the iconic bridge. Thame river, which is infamous, is the one across which the city’s bridge spans. Seeing the sights of the city will be possible if you take a picturesque stroll along the bridge.

Other attractions that you must see if you have travelled to London are the Big Ben clocktower, Beatles if you are a fan and Houses of Parliament. Westminster Abby is one of the spots where you can take in beautiful building architecture, and you should definitely take a photo in the famous crosswalk. Soaking up the city’s art, and culture should also be in your London bucket list. Catching the best productions in the city will require that you find the West End Theater.

If you want a great place for Elizabethan theatre, then you should check out Shakespeare’s Globe. If you want to see art and culture you should head to the British Museum or Tate Modern if you want to view exhibitions that are contemporary. When you visit London, you should tour its prized colleges like Cambridge and Oxford universities which are full of architectural beauty and history. The Royal Opera House is where some of the renowned opera and ballet performances in the world are done, and it is also a sight for interior and architecture design.

Heading to the Hyde park when you visit London will be good for you if you are looking for a great outdoor experience and a bit of greenery. Some of the things that will create an adventurous experience for you at the park are relaxing while taking your lunch, bike riding or taking a ride on rowboat along the Serpentine lake. If you are travelling to London during the winter, you should go to Somerset House for ice skating activities.