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How Business Benefits from Using the Agile software Development Methodology

Software that is used in the business are developed by developers who follow the different development frameworks. One of the development frameworks that is used by the software developers is agile. The agile development methodology has several steps that the developer should follow, the method focuses on developing the software as a team. The employees and business owners are the main stakeholders of the software that is being developed, the developer and the stakeholder need to work together to come up with effective software. When agile software is used to create the software the business enjoy from the methodology.

When the software is developed using the agile methodology the business is assured that the software created will be free of errors. The developer is grouped into various groups that are tasked in developing the software, and they conduct stand up meetings. During the stand-up meetings, the group leader assigns the team members to the task that they need to do. In the stand-up meetings, the occurs that is done during the development stage of the software are corrected and at the end of the process the software is error free.

If the software developers apply the agile development methodology it ensures that there is transparency during development. The stand-up meetings ensures that the individual will work as a group and there is teamwork where each person in the group will report on what they have been doing. The whole group need to listen keenly when the team leader is being brought up to speed to get what the individual is working on. When the whole group knows what they should work on and the results expected at the end of the process and also the stakeholders have an idea of what is happening creates transparency.

The agile development methodology emphasizes on teamwork when developing the software the developers and the stakeholder are placed in groups which meet after some time. During the development process there are decisions that need to be done, and the developers and the stakeholders are responsible for the decision making, the decision is made faster when they work as a team. Having everyone in the group participating in the decision making it becomes easier to make the decisions. The individual in the group of the developer will use the knowledge that they hold and assist in fastening the decision-making process. Fastening the decision-making process ensures that the cost of developing the software is cut down as the process will be as per the schedule.

In summary, the business benefits from the development of the software using the agile framework.

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