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Examples of meals you need to Eat For Pre- Run When Breaking PR.

If you are practicing to participate into triathlon, and then you have a long way to go and in order to make it in the run you are supposed to be fueled perfectly for the run and this is because triathlon is a great race which has gained popularity over the years with over four million people participating in 2017.

When you are training for the triathlon race you will need to know the importance of pre run nutrition because it matters a lot what you will eat before a race and it has a significant impact on your speed, overall performance and endurance.

The importance of pre nutrition is that it gives you an insight on the type of food that you are supposed to eat and which ones to avoid, this way you are sure that you will not have cramps, digestive problems or be sluggish when you are running triathlon and if you want to perform well, start early on the type of foods which are good for pre run.

As the general rule, it is good that your pre-run meal has carbohydrates and proteins, most people if they fail to eat something before the run will end up having stomach problems and will also have issues if they eat too much.

Eating sweet potatoes before a run has shown significant improvements in people who run since they are able to go for a long distance, sweet potatoes are carbohydrates and have potassium which is rich in electrolytes which prevents cramping, sweet potatoes can be done in different ways from boiling to roasting and even baking and some people will take them in smoothies.

Oatmeal is one of the pre run staple for many people it is also rich in carbohydrates and it is pretty easy to make a mix and pair it with different toppings so that it does not get boring, try putting berries, nut butter and even protein powder to the oats for extra flavor.

If you do not always caffeinate before work out you will be surprised once you try coffee how good you will be feeling after, the caffeine keeps you in good spirit and alert and boosts your energy especially if you run in the morning or afternoon.

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates, they are best paired with oat meal as toppings and this is because they are rich in carbohydrates which are essential for a pre run and they cannot also be added when you are making fruit smoothies.

Because meals are supposed to fuel you properly on the run it is important that when you find the meal that works well for your pre run you stick since finding it can be a challenge by itself.

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