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The Tips to Follow When Your Paycheck Stub has been Stolen

Many employees enjoy the convenience brought about by paystubs. Having one piece of paper that has all the pertinent info about your payment and financial history is of great importance. Paycheck subs are very important and that’s the reason why many businesses require them. You will find yourself in jeopardy if an intruder manages to successfully steal your paystub. Continue reading here to learn about the precautions to be taken if your paycheck stub has been stolen.

You should inform your bank if your paystub check has been stolen. The safety of your financial situation will be compromised if your paystub check is lost. The first person to contact when your item is stolen is your bank. Your account details will be listed on your paystub check if you receive a direct deposit to your account. A thief can use this info to try and gain control of your account. You should instruct your bank to immediately start monitoring your account for any suspicious activity. Many banks have the right to freeze an account temporarily and this will deny the thief the chance to use your paystub check to gain access to your account.

The next action you can take is to contact human resources. If you had a cheque attached to your stub, there is a possibility of an intruding trying to cash it. You should contact next the Human Resource department of your employer for assistance. You can be directly helped by someone in the HR office or they can direct you to an expert in the finance department who will be of assistance. HR professionals can help in changing your deposit information and they can also stop the cheque from being cashed by the intruder. You can then work to get a new copy of your paystub and check once you’ve confirmed the safety of your account.

The last action that should be taken is the initiation of a fraud alert in the credit. Since your paystub has much personally-identifying information, make sure you flag your credit report. The information form your paystub can be sued by thieves to try and get a new credit card. If you put a red flag, the intruder will not be able to get access to a new card in your name.

There is no worse feeling than having your paycheck stub stolen. Not only will your financial info be in the wrong hands if your paystub is stolen, but you will also be out of your weekly wages. If you want to take control of matters and put in the right measures, make sure you use these actions.

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