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Tips on How to Prevent Occurrence of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer is a common form of dementia which affects people mostly the older, which is a progressive brain condition which slowly erases memory function of a person. People suffering from Alzheimer disease undergo a number of effects such as inability to perform tasks, impairment with language and communication and also leading to eventually memory loss of a person. Alzheimer disease if not well managed can lead to death and thus it is important for individuals to identify and be able to control personal risks that would lead to Alzheimer infection and below are tips on how to prevent Alzheimer from occurring.

It is important for one to keep a regular routine of exercises as they help in preventing occurrence of Alzheimer disease. It has been developed by researchers that regular exercises reduce the chance of being infected by Alzheimer up to 50 percent. Research also indicates that regular exercise helps in stimulating the brains ability to maintain old connection of memories and also creating room for new memories. Brains health is maintained by developing muscles which keep pumping the brain thus the importance of regular exercises to develop such muscles.

Another factor is stress management, persistent can make the brain to shrink leading to shrinkage of key memory area hampering cell growth and increasing the risk of being infected by Alzheimer and other dementia types of diseases. Stress management is important in reducing the chances of being infected with Alzheimer and any other dementia type of disease, thus simple stress management tips are necessary to prevent Alzheimer disease from infecting you in future. Its advisable for one to practice stress management methods which in turn will help in reducing the risks of getting Alzheimer disease.

Research indicates that people who luck enough sleep are at higher risk of being infected with Alzheimer disease and to prevent occurrence of dementia diseases such as Alzheimer one should consider having quality sleep. Research indicates that poor sleep is a risk factor of being infected with Alzheimer in future, which leads to the formation of sticky brain clogging which interferes with deep sleep necessary for memory formation. One should establish regular sleep schedule to help reinforce natural circadian rhythms which is important in memory formation. Alzheimer symptoms are associated with bad moods and slow thinking and luck of enough sleep leads to slow thinking likewise to change in mood thus one should try and avoid lucking sleep.

Dementia and other related diseases such as Alzheimer can be prevented through eating a well-balanced and healthy diet. Research has indicated that adjusting eating habits help in reducing inflammation and help in brain protection since Alzheimer is described as diabetes of the brain. its also important for one to avoid smoking. Its also important for one who can quit drinking to do it in moderation.