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Things You Ought to Know about FMLA for Your Employees

The FMLA law is very important for millions of American families, and that is why it is essential for every working individual to take their time and go through the act so that they can understand their rights. Infact 20 million people take advantage of FMLA each year. Many Americans use the family-friendly law to take care of a newborn or adopted child while others use it to care for their loved ones who might be sick or have sustained injuries. The first thing that you need to do before you go through the FMLA guidelines is to understand its history fast. This act has been there since 1993 when the legislation was passed by the congress, and President Bill Clinton signed it and he ensured that FMLA guidelines were published to so that everyone could go through the guidelines and understand them.

One of the reasons as to why this act was passed is so that the government could ensure that all their citizens who are employed are well protected. It was very unfortunate because long time ago immediately a woman got pregnant they were laid off, and they could go back to work after they delivered their baby. It was also quite unfair because even employee got injured or fell sick they were also laid off. One of the reasons as to why FMLA was necessary because it’s needed to promote a healthy and fair working balance for both employers and employees. The law ensure that the employees were not abused by their employers and they could take an unpaid leave in order for them to care for their loved ones.

The US Department of Labor published FMLA guidelines whereby they defined what benefits employees are legally entitled to. For an employee they can be able to take an unpaid leave of 12 weeks in a year. It is essential for people not to confuse FMLA leave to that one of a paid leave because they are very different for example FMLA leave is usually believe that someone takes but during the duration that they are not working they are not receiving any salary. It is important for you to know that there are usually so many different medical program that do fall under this law and everyone is entitled to receive the benefits.
In order for you to be eligible for FMLA the applicant needs to be an active employee of a company. They need to have accrued 12 months of service time working for the employer. More specifically on time served the employee need to have worked at least 1250 hours for the employer. Employers also do have to meet certain requirements, for example, they need to have employed at least 50 employees in their companies.

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