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A Guide in Truck Maintenance.

More than 1 million deaths are been caused by road traffic accidents. Vehicle system defects and failure is the cause of these death. However, these can be avoided, if you maintenance on your truck. Your truck life span increases by doing regular maintenance on your truck. This article focuses on the different ways you can do truck maintenance.

Cleaning the engine of your truck regularly is important. Your engine will get clogged, if its not cleaned regularly because of the dirt and debris. This can damage your truck components, hence affecting its performance and road life. Also, it will be easy to locate leaks and fix them, if you clean your engine regularly. Look out for truck troubleshooting guide to learn how to identify and fix engine leaks.

In addition, check the fluids, so that in case they are low, you can top them up. Changing the engine coolant ensures it does not become acidic and damage other parts of the engine. Always check, if you are using the right coolant for your engine.

In addition, the window washer should always be full, especially if you are going for long trips because of the dirt.

To increase your engine fuel efficiency, it is important you regularly change the engine oil. To avoid your engine overheating, it is important you add more oil, if its below the minimum. If the oil has particles and it does not feel sleek and smooth on your fingers, then components of your oil engine are wearing down. The oil color should be yellow or amber, if its dark or black, it is important you do an oil change. When picking the oil for your truck, ensure you pick the right one.

Also, it is important you replace the air and oil filters regularly. Air filters have several functions, such as preventing dirt and debris. Oil filters ensure the engine components are working smoothly.

It is recommended you rotate and balance the tires of your truck. Regular tire rotation ensures your tires wear out evenly and it reduces the amount of money you will use for maintenance. Balancing the tires of your truck, prevents increased wear on your suspension.

Check the lights of your truck is important. Having the lights of your truck working perfectly is important.
In addition, inspect the wheel-end, by doing so you increase safety and maximizes the road performance.
Also, maintenance tips for your truck is cleaning the exterior. It is important you use the right sponge and brush to clean your truck.

A manufacturer’s manual will have several tips on how you can do truck maintenance by yourself.

Lastly, it is important you schedule a complete truck inspection to be done by a car expert.